Psychedelic State of Mind

To make this mundane world sublime,
Take half a gram of consciousness

To fathom Hell or soar angelic,
Just take a pinch of psychedelic

“Religion is the formative state of consciousness.”

—    Dr. Winant. He’s my Soc professor at UCSB. He famous now.

The Lesson of Grace in Teaching

From weakness to wholeness, the struggle and the hope
Francis Edward Su

This is about a lesson in life, it’s related to academic teaching but you can apply it to any form of teaching. Grace is a powerful tool in interpersonal communication; many times in mass communication the genuinity can lost. It is only in the disclosure of two private parties where uninfluenced, honest grace can be validated. It gives an individual a sense of hope rather than the more common sense of fear. It’s the modern weapon against anemone, and a tool for the new religion that is rising in the post modern society. This religion is of course based off of the psychedelic experiences of soul manifestors, beginning with the ancient religions practicing meditation and finalizing (continuing) with the introduction to psychedelic drugs. Grace is how these translators connect with others, accepting them for their own purposes and seeing them as equal rather than judging through interpersonal or societal standards. It is important to show grace as it is a fundamental aspect of psychedelics contrasting the exploited view that god is foreign. We are all equal owner’s of god in that we are all created equal, with souls; whether we choose to accept psychedelics and bring out god within is our own dilemma. Francis seems like the new generation of these soul manifestors and as well a new and evolved human. His ability to grasp so many key points that seem trivial about life comes naturally.

social imagination

The ability to think or see sociologically. This can be met by thinking one’s self away from human/personal society and becoming an entity of thought and knowledge.

the educational system is designed to filter through the programmable minds and the creative minds. the creative minds are degraded as they would create chaos in the machine. the programmable minds flow through the machine and cause no problems for management. as long as this is true the management will maintain power.

The human mind is being harvested by corporations.

Proof that intelligence is a contemporary disability.(rough draft)

Intelligence is a disability of education and the educational system. To be educated implies that you do not understand to begin with. It is equivalent to having no intuition which is a necessity for learning. Education is measured in progress so those who hold no intelligence will exceed the fastest and be the most valuable to the educational system. That is why the system in relation to science and math has become a rat race on who can memorize the most formulas not who can understand the most concepts. The theory of intelligence has been out dated and holds no place in schooling. In fact understanding material will ultimate confuse one when it comes time to take a test. Ten times out of ten a computer can store more equations than a human mind. The education system is molding humans into programmable computers and as we all know it turns into catastrophe when computers or humans begin to think for themselves thus gaining intelligence. Society has evolved to fear the intelligent mind as it fears the questioning mind as well.

No one remembers their birth therefore we are all in a dream. Reply (yes/no)
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Physics and Math \/v/s/\ God and Church

Religion and science serve the same purpose of relaying a higher knowledge to the uninformed mind, whether you want to believe life is derived from an all powerful man speaking through the church or the infinite possibilities of physics spoken through math is your choice unfortunately.